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  1. alternative spelling of demy
  2. a fifty pence piece.
  3. A bottle of wine containing 0.375 liters of fluid, 1/2 the volume of a standard bottle; a split.




fr-noun m
  1. half (fraction)
  2. (used in time) half (half-hour)
    Il est cinq heures et demi. - It is half past five.
  3. Glass of beer of 250ml volume
    Deux demis et un verre de vin rouge, s'il vous plait. - Two small beers and a glass of red wine, please.

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Demi is a feminine given name, originally a nickname form of Demetria, the feminine form of the masculine name Demetrius, which is itself the Latin and English spelling of Demetrios. Demi is uncommon as a surname. Also in French the word "Demi" means half. People with the name Demi include:
Fictional A given name
demi in French: Demi
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